only 21 miles to go!

what a great day! hot and sunny for sure but a few surprise riders, kevin mcguire, greg robitie landed this morning and caught us. last nght scott rosen and mike mikinney jumped in.
we lost casey, jim and howard this morning, great having them.
the morning part of the ride was mainly bike path, 17 miles of wide open pavement, we covered 27 miles before lunch under the shade. the afternoon wa hot and we were exposed to the sun, no shade, it was taking a toll. my foot was killing me so we pulled the plug at 47 miles. again my sincere thanks to wayne for his leading our group.
we got to our hotel and a number of early riders were back to help us finish, the beer was flowing.
should be last day of riding, but our challenge and support of the RIC continue, thank you.
be well,

23 thoughts on “only 21 miles to go!

  1. What a day today will be, Steph, and how sweet it will be. You are a magnificent inspiration. Well done, our friend.

  2. Having been part of the StephanChallenge two weeks ago with my good griend Ron Schutz, I couldn’t help but be worried that the bad foot might ultimately suspend the ride. NOw to read that he and the group are within 21 miles of the St. Augustine goal is absolutely chilling. Wish we could all be there for the finish and be able to give him a giant hug for what he’s accomplished! This is truly amazing and I can’t help but be thankful for having been part of it for 72 miles. My bottom is still sore and that was for only a day and half. A big congratulations to Margaret and the family – they’ve been a huge part of this too – and not an easy thing. GO STEPH!!

  3. Steph:

    Sorry I could not hook up with you again before the end of your journey. Congratulations on your determination and spirit and thank you for allowing me to participate.

    I am in prague now and am hoisting more than one pivo in your honor.


  4. Steph,

    What a journey – just went through your route with one of the Cub Scouts you spoke this spring.

    To describe the vastness of our country to a 7 year old is an interesting conversation, to see him comprehend covering it on a bike is unreal.

    Congrats to you and the team and thanks for inspiring so many of us, especially the young kids.

    Just to remind you, the last question, you were asked by the Cub Scout group – “what’s the first thing you will do you when you finish?” — I think we can all guess what you response was — enjoy that cold one.


    Hurls (and Tyler)

  5. We are setting up the finish at anastasia beach state park in st augustine beach! Beautiful day to finish!!?

  6. GO STEPH GO! Savor every second and every mile of today. Can only imagine that the smile on your face will be enormous and the feeling of accomplishment in your body and soul will be indescribable. The Halls are with you in spirit all the way! “21 miles of road I have left, 21 miles of road, I kicked some ass and another did pass, 20 miles of road I have left!” STEPHSTRONG!

  7. Margaret, Mark and Team – – Thank you for all you’ve done to make this Challenge a reality and for sharing it with the world!!

  8. Go Mark! So exciting for you, your family, and the entire Stephan Challenge team. We couldn’t be prouder of you! Stay STEPHSTRONG!

  9. By the time you read this, you will be deep into the surf and suds. Congratulations on this herculean accomplishment!

  10. Mark, family and friends (it takes a village!):
    THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for doing all of this and inviting people to be a part of it. I had such a wonderful time with all of you this weekend and am just thrilled that I got to see you cross the finishing line. And yes, I cried. BIG emotions!
    Wishing all of you a great time partying and enjoying your success!!!!!


  11. Dear Mark,
    Thank you again and again for sharing your extraordinary endeavor and for the inspiration you’ve spread across the land. Special thanks to Margaret and your family, your very impressive team, Sprout Films and all your bloggers for the wonderfully depicted play-by-play. I wholeheartedly applaud the magnitude of physicality and endurance involved – mind blowing! That said, it has also been quite an experience for us spectators from afar to be virtually with you all the way! Despite some pretty severe odds at times and elements – you conquered!! Bravo!!! Go RIC!!!

  12. Steph and team….just so proud of all of you! The culmination must be a high beyond compare! The greatest thing is that so many, some in small ways, others as team members, have shared your exhilaration, deep desire and profound commitment. Success happening is electric… and the mega watts you have created is a power few of us have had the chance to feel quite like this before.
    The veritable living proof of… “If I put my mind to it…it can get done!”
    Thanks from all of us!

  13. To Steph, Margaret and the entire extended “SC family”– what an accomplishment despite what seemed like impossible odds. You started out in heat, stayed in heat, didn’t beat Debby and still managed to make it all the across the United States. How many of us can say we have DRIVEN those miles, much less biked them?

    Hope you have a great big celebration down St. Augustine way. Your ride has been an inspiration to us all, and we want to thank you for sharing your story over the still-amazing internet. It has been exciting to sit in the spectator’s seat. Wow– what an experience. The picture of you, Steph, and Margaret says it all. All the best– May Swan

  14. Congrats on this amazing achievement!!! I am in awe of you, your determination, strength & continued humbleness. Your hard work and actions are powerful and have touched so many lives dispelling fears and myths about people with disabilities. You lead by example giving people hope which is a very powerful message that everyone needs to hear. Thank you for making a difference! I can’t wait to hear all about your trip. I hope that you will take some time to rest and also reflect on this amazing experience. xoxoxo Lisa Rosen

  15. the enormity of the Stephan Challenge is mind boggling on so many levels. Most impressive top 1000 things about SC? 1. Steph’s attitude and determination. # 2.very big; One of Steph’s greatest accomplishments is drawing all these people together to be of single mind and purpose. All the friends from around the country there to support Steph. 3. What wonderful friends Margaret and Steph have! All great people, all caring and pitching in. All of one mind. 4. The SC gives Inspiration to all participants; you leave the SC renewed and inspired…every day life headaches are now puny & insignificant. If Steph can do THAT then I can do………. 5. The whole SC effort so completely impressive: From Steph conceiving the idea to actually getting it done. NO EXCUSES, IGNORE THE PAIN, DO IT , 6. the behind the scenes detailed planning of the trip including recumbent bike design, to trailer, safety issues to accommodating new riders all along the route with water bottles, energy bars, and feeding “gourmet” lunch each day smoked turkey sandwiches with bacon tomato and avocado…. #7 through 1000 too many to list but definitely includes 200+ items done by the SC support team Good job Lincoln and team… Go Steph! I will be on the next Stephan challenge..the rumor is Canada to Mexico…per CG in Fl

  16. Congratulations Mark! Well done, an inspirational accomplishment. Take care of that foot and we’ll talk soon.

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