it started out a great morning, we were leaving del rio and headed to austin via san Antonio, a little traffic on hwy 90 but no problem, weather perfect.
we passed the local airforce base and watched a bunch of trainer planes in action, very cool. traffic was thinning out the farther we got out of town, then it happened……pavement change, we went from smooth as glass shoulder to teeth jarring road. the transition was rough, tough to get any speed, made for a hard ride. we called it an early day, we are 40 miles west of uvaldre. going to get after it early tomorrow. i want to thank you for following our adventure and for your support of me and the RIC.
be well,

7 thoughts on “pavement

  1. “To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive,
    and the true success is to labor”

    -Robert Louis Stevenson


  2. Stephan thanks us for following him. ……. I recently went on a mission trip to support an orphanage in Guatemala with my church. My minister told us before we left that the trip was not about what we would do for the kids rather he said it was about what they would do for us. I soon learned what he meant. He was right then and if you ride with Stephan you too will understand what my minister was talking about. We should be the ones thanking Steph.

  3. Go Steph! Stay Strong! Many apologies for not being a frequent blog commenter as of late. But, I have been thinking of you as you grind your way through Texas. The reason for my absence online is:
    a) Colin and the boys thoughtfully whisked me off to an ultra-pampering long weekend for Mother’s Day, and I have been sitting around a spa, sipping cucumber water, getting every inch of my body massaged, sprinkled, buffed and shined. So relaxing!
    b) I had one helluva Cinco de Mayo hangover and am just now recovering. I was at the now infamous SCC Cinco de Mayo bash, apparently had a really good time, dancing, drinking tequila, etc. I don’t remember much, but Chuck has been giving me funny looks lately.
    c) I am finishing a months-long marketing analysis project for a product that helps women with decreased sexual desire. So, I am going to make a lot of women – and men (namely my husband!) – very happy!
    I’ll let you pick the reason.
    I hope this humors you as you keep up the amazing, awe-inspiring, epic journey of the Stephan Challenge. We are with you all the way! Love – Robyn & the Hall boys

  4. Sorry about the chip-sealing. I should have checked the road condition when I made the suggestion on the route change. I’ve ridden US 90 before and it wasn’t chip-sealed when I did it. Hopefully, the rest of the way to San Antonio will be smoother. I just thought that the route would have been flatter for you instead of your proposed route through the Texas Hill Country. Hope that you can forgive me. Praying for you.

  5. Steph,
    you might be in the middle of nowhere, but there is some cool history surrounding Laughlin Air Force Base that you passed on your ride. It trained B-17 fighter pilots in WWII. It then became a base for U-2’s during the cold war. U2 pilots based there flew over Cuba and took recon photos of the Soviet missiles in Cuba. Laughlin is now the largest pilot training base in the USAF and on weekdays the airfield has more take offs and landings than any airfield in the US.
    Enjoy the miles and the locals. my plan is to rejoin the ride near Houston and spend some time with you in Cajun country.

  6. Steph-

    sounds like a rough day of pavement. You may have to get a mountain bike version of your recumbent for surfaces like that. Impressive pace you’re maintaining!

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