Pecans, the Bull and Jerry- By Peter Dyke

Today’s ride was in very warm temperatures and in the sun the entire time.  We rode 52 miles from Las Cruces NM to the east side of El Paso TX.  We are now sporting several red arms and legs despite using two gallons of sun block.  The first thirty miles were charming as we rode through pecan plantations, vineyards and towns preparing for their Cinco de Mayo celebrations.  For those of you who read my blog yesterday, you will know that I am short a pair of padded bike shorts.  Dave Falter receives a special commendation.  He had an extra pair of new padded shorts and he delivered one to my room in Las Cruces this morning.  What a guy. So tonight, I used my useless Amazon shorts as swim trunks for a post ride dip at the Hampton Inn and toast my friend Dave.

Steph awarded me the task of navigating the 11 rider team today.  I received the order as we were mounting our bikes for the day’s ride.  Here I am, the newly arrived newby, handling navigation…. Thanks Steph. I had so much time to prepare. Fortunately for me,  we had a local New Mexico New Trier friend of Mark’s (Mike Hussey)  providing personal route guidance and he did most of the work.  We never took a wrong turn, but we stopped at an ill equipped 7-11 for lunch.

We had a special event occur as we crossed into Texas today that involved the only bike spill this week.   It was relatively harmless from an injury standpoint but it provided all the riders license to tease the offender.  You see as he was crossing the Texas border he turned to wave at the very attractive camerawoman and promptly fell to the pavement. I will not say who it was other than he is a Miami Brother of Stephs. It is on video and posted to Facebook if you want to check it out.

Lincoln has started a new daily custom.  The best bonehead move of the day begets a bull likeness and the honoree must carry it around for a day.  Of course you know who the winner was.  Another important custom on the SC route includes a post ride beverage…Now the PRB is as important to the ride as the miles we knock off.  We sit down, crack a bottle of wine and talk about the day.  Good stuff. I might add there was as much wine tonight, as there was beer.  I am making progress.  Then Lincoln presents the award and we all laugh at the day’s honoree.

One of the highlights of the day was a friend of Stephs from high school, Matt.  He found us in downtown El Paso and pulled us over, honking wildly.  We thought we had another crazed idiot with a baseball bat.  He wanted to ride with us so he rode for three miles, met new friends, talked to Steph and cheered us on.   He used my bike, I got his car.  Good trade for me.  I was able to listen to Jerry Garcia on XM in air-conditioned comfort inside a Caddie STX while my intrepid colleagues pedaled East and uphill through downtown El Paso. Steph was so strong today.  I am exhausted, he is chipper.  Wow.  You need to join us.  This is a special event.  Next stuff, bumbleramba West Texas.

– Peter Dyke

The Inaugural Red Bull Prize

click the link above of the image below to watch a clip!

3 thoughts on “Pecans, the Bull and Jerry- By Peter Dyke

  1. This is such an inspiring journey for everyone that hears about it!!
    Keep strong all of you! Look out for my buddy Dave Falter!

  2. Hi Mark. Have been thinking of you and by telepathy sending positive vibes. Thank you for making history and being such an inspiration to us all. ” It’s a dirty job but”…….blah blah blah. Hang in there and tip a few cold ones tonight.. Have you had any Matthew McCoughnhey sightings in his Air Stream? Be nice to Maria.



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