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Rest day mon. still a tad off
Tuesday. you can read ted’s blog, it was great day, but the afternoon brought steep hills and heat, 102 peak temp. and the whole day crushed all of us. we said goodbye to ted and really appreciate his effort to join us, also my friends from the ric, eric and kristen, so great to see them.
today was rollers, lots of them, the trike goes down great, but is tough on the way up. my friend and trainer judd and i got started around 830am, it was some of the sweetest riding of the trip, soft hills, rural, no traffic, cool breeze. we had a great picnic lunch under some shade, interacted with a few locals. the goal today was round top texas, judd and i pushed on, traffic, hills and heat all a factor, we moved through round top and put a few extra in bank. as we were pulling off my sister in law trischa and her good friend karin pulled up, great to have them with us for a few days.
thanks for keeping an eye on us and supporting the ric.
be well,

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  1. Really glad to see that the problem with the dehydration and the gi tract is getting better. A few more days and you’ll be in in my state of Louisiana. Keep hydrated since the weather is supposed to be in the upper 90s for the rest of the week and into next week. I hope that the motorists are giving you a wide berth.

    One didn’t give me a wide berth this evening and I was just walking in my neighborhood. The force of the impact either caused me to do a backwards somersault or flipped me around because I landed on the pavement in the opposite direction that I was heading. I was walking properly on the left side of the road facing the traffic right at the road’s edge since there was a ditch next to it. No sidewalks in the area.

    I was taken by ambulance to a local emergency room. Praise ADONAI nothing is broken but my right knee got scraped up pretty bad and my lower right leg is bruised up some. I landed in a sitting position so my head and upper neck didn’t get hurt. On the safe side, the ambulance did transport me to a local ER on a backboard with a neck brace on.

    It will be a while before I can take my walks in the neighborhood and take rides on my two-wheeled recumbent steed.

    Praying for you and your crew.

  2. Hey guys it’s Jesse from del rio Texas ,remember me from the hampton y’all stayed at? Just checking on you guys and really glad y’all are doing well. Keep up the great work and keep rolling on strong.

  3. Wow Mark – despite the brutal heat and other challenges your photos show you’re looking strong! No doubt Jud will give you that extra kick. Thinking of all of you and wishing you well. Love the photo gallery! Beyond awesome. LIFE Center crew

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