Rest Day

all easy today, just rest and food, it felt great
we have a long hall to demming new mexico tomorrow, likly longest ride of trip.
as our trip rolls along we have certain traditions that are developing, one of these is the fines asessed for certain violations, i want to share this so people coming to ride are familiar.
drop me $50
spill beer $100
call out a false crest $200
peter mesrobian owes a lot of money and he would never do the first two…..
be well,

15 thoughts on “Rest Day

  1. Go Steph Go! You sound positive, motivated, and like you are still having a hell of a lot of fun, despite the massive physical and weather demands. You continue to amaze and inspire. Have a great rest day – you deserve it. I will drink a beer (or two or three) in your honor in a couple of days for Cinco de Mayo. Stay StephStrong!
    Love – The Halls

  2. Love the posts. You are doing great. Everyone back home following with enthusiastic support. We plan to see you soon.

  3. Steph- You’ve ALWAYS had a good grasp of life’s priorities and I can see that your “fine system” is continuing proof of that those priorities are still intact!! Amazing progress – keep earning those beers at the end of the day!! BG

  4. Hey Mark! All the McCarthys are following your adventure with awe…look forward to all of your amazing progress. Be well and safe!!!!!!

  5. Steph,

    Now that you’ve explained your fine/violation system, it makes complete sense that Gilly is choosing to ride with you on the ‘flats’ of west Texas… he’s completely panicking at the thought of calling out a false crest and having to dig up some of his mason jars and fork over the Benjamins to settle the fine! Don’t worry though, that guy will spill enough beer to cover all of your expenses for the rest of the challenge (but you might need to bring back the baseball bat wielding attacker to collect from him).



  6. Great job Steph. We are proud of you. Thanks for pulling Peter! Watch our for George Watch as you get close to Texas!

    Margaret Ann and I are having a great time in Scotland.

  7. Keep it up Steph! Glad you war pulling Peter and Scott around for a few days. You’re doing a great job – keep it up!

  8. I’ve been reading ever blog and from a distance am cheering you on. Hope to make it out for a ride. Was reading your fine schedule but didn’t see a fine for being dropped.

    Keep up the amazing work.

  9. I have been following your journey for many years as you have been such an inspiration to me. I signed up to ride but than had some complications with blood counts. I hope they may improve enough so that I could join you towards the end of May. It would be an amazing b-day present to me on the 28th. I am with you everyday in spirit. You are amazing, go Steph.
    xoxo, sb

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