Seven Degrees of Separation Going to Three? By Loius Wilson

I’m sitting in the Baton Rouge Airport with Bill Walker, Tom Willsey and Jeff Malehorn. We joined the Steph Train on Thursday evening and rode from 40 miles West of Eunice to Lafayette through the deep south. We were warmly greeted by the people along the way who had seen Mark’s story on the local news and heard about the Challenge by word of mouth. Linc and Courtney expertly shepherded us through the countryside without incident, keeping us rolling safely, making sure we were hydrated, and arranging for the finest roadside picnic lunches imaginable along the way.

During our lunch in Elton we were greeted by a nice lady named Louanna, who was inspired by Marks story and sought us out so that Jason, her special needs son, could meet Mark and gain some of his determination. Louanna’s efforts to take care of us epitomized the meaning of the term “Southern Hospitality.” Marks story is touching folks all across the country, and his story is providing hope to those who need it most. It was a great two days in the saddle with a group of the ever expanding “Friends of Mark.” It was inspiring to see how Mark has turned his misfortune into such an opportunity to touch so many in such a positive way.

It was also just plain fun. If you can make the time to join the train it’s well worth the effort.

Louis Wilson

5 thoughts on “Seven Degrees of Separation Going to Three? By Loius Wilson

  1. Thanks for the wonderful update & heartfelt words, Louis! You have captured & shared the experience wonderfully! Go Team Steph!

  2. God bless you, Mark. You are such an inspiration and are no doubt saving many lives that would be lost to despair.


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