slow progress

we got on the road early and were all a little crusty from the brutel heat the day before, a quick health food breakfast at mcdonalds and we headed to hope az. where we left off yesterday.
we were met in hope by john mcclinden a good friend from home, he had a free day and it was great to have him with us. we started with a long climb but it was cool and we had a tailwind. as we started we were met by a eastbound rider in need of water, she was a 24 year old girl in the navy, riding her bike from san diego to a survival training course in flagstall.
the day got hot but only 96, that was 24 degrees cooler than yesterday, it was almost refreshing, the winds became a cross breeze, got gusty and slowed us down a bit. as we were riding, rob donley noticed a rattle snake in the road, i saw it as i went buy, i estimated it to be at least 5 feet and aggressively moving towards me. behind us john and jake picked up a snake in the road, we have a picture of john holding it, i will post the picture, it was not the same snake i saw.
the wind was picking up and cold beers were calling so we called it a day at 45 miles. we will return to start 15 miles west of wickenberg az.
we say goodbye to jake, rob, and john but hope to see them further down the road. we had pulled into the motel parking lot and were finishing some beers when my dad joined us for a cold one, great to see him and look forward to having him with us.
i am a little fried, the team is tired, 9 days in a row on bike, tomorrow we rest.
be well,


Riding to Hope...

14 thoughts on “slow progress

  1. Mark,

    Great work my friend. I am so impressed and can’t wait to join you for a few days. Glad your Dad could join in.

  2. Steph,

    That picture is priceless. How fitting. Been following you on the blog every day. Sounds like the heat, wind and terrain are tough, but I know you’ll persevere! Dad and I are looking at dates to come join you.


  3. Great job,

    As I rode this weekend at 43 degrees and windy as can be I kept thinking how hot you must be. Too bad you cant send some heat this way!


  4. Hey mr Stephan !!! Hope u ok!!! Keep going!! Have fun and I’ll have a whole basket of yogurts for u wen u get back!! Take care.. Jen!!

  5. Mark – amazing how you are doing in this heat…… and dodging the snakes. How can we connect with you as you approach Phoenix – would like to connect with you while you are here.

    Terry Franke

  6. the best way to connect with them is to get a hold of Linc and find out where they are. I think they will be in scottsdale for a few days coming up on wednesday 4/27

  7. Steph: i want a signed 8×10 of you and the Hope sign. you are the gr8est! love the blog stay strong – beer is key in the heat Rob Brock

  8. Very very very impressive! and you even have energy to do the blog, which I love. Will continue to watch your progress. Hope my brother joins you somewhere along the route!
    Best wishes for a great ride Tracy

  9. A well deserved rest indeed!!! We have been applauding you these last 9 days. Such an INCREDIBLE accomplishment! Stay strong and keep the faith. J and B

  10. Enjoy the well deserved rest
    Tarquin and I have been tracking you every day.

    Glad Dad is there
    Stay strong.

  11. Blistering desert heat, arduous mountain climbs, fierce headwinds, rattlesnakes — this journey is nothing short of epic. A town called Hope indeed! You couldn’t write this stuff! Enjoy your well-deserved day of rest. Godspeed.

  12. Keep trudging on Steph. You might catch up to the five Cubs fans walking from Arizona to Chicago with a goat named Wrigley in tow. They started on 2/25 and arrived in Tulsa yesterday. They are rising money for cancer research and hope to break the curse of the billygoat, much like my beloved Bosox breaking the curse of the bambino in 2004. I hope that they are well provisioned with Old Style. We continue to be amazed and thrilled by your progress, stamina and courage.

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