Sombreros, Roadrunners and Arabians- By Peter Dyke

We said goodbye to Miami friends this morning and then departed for the hour drive to yesterday’s finish point.  As we stopped roadside near the Mexican border outside of McNary, TX, the bull was awarded for the previous day’s activities.  Our fearless SC Leader, Mr. Mark Stephan was awarded the prize for his “leadership” move at the dinner table.   The event was precipitated by the el grande sombrero given to him by the Andale’ staff.   Or it could have been because of the enormous vasos de Margaritas gracing our table? Who is to know?  Mark was proud to have earned the prize and I am sure he will be quick to share it.

To be clear, Zuzanna was a close second as she had a brush with a strand of barbed wire attached to a dilapidated fence.  Her transgression was minor in all senses of the word, but the problem was she did it in front of and to the delight of eleven riders eating their roadside sandwiches.

The ride was very hot and windy today and we rode near the Mexican border on rarely used roads so riding was relaxing although hot.  A highlight was witnessing farmers harvesting hay with mountains in the background.  During ride preparation at our launch point, Chris, a train engineer from a Union Pacific freight train came by to say hello.  He witnessed a member or two of our troop visiting cactus and decided to leave his idling pair of engines to find out what was up.  He runs trains 250 miles or so between El Paso and points beyond when other crews take over.  He had to wait for an Amtrak train to come through.  He was pleased to meet Steph and shared some local knowledge about the El Paso area.   He said he was not used to seeing too many folk in this area.  We continue to marvel at the friendliness and positive attitude of Texans and their interest in learning about the SC adventure.

I picked up a live 30.06 round that I found on the side of the road.  Not sure how it will be used.  I left it with Lincoln, as I am sure the TSA would not like to see it.  Jim Gilligan aka “Gilly” spotted a roadrunner darting in front of us and we observed a couple species of hawk patrolling the skies.  Roadkill does not last long in these here parts. The farm animals in this area are generally cattle.  We have not seen pigs, but we do see a fair number of horses.  Five gorgeous chestnut colored Arabians trotted for us while we passed by in yesterday’s ride.  A highlight of the last few days has been the engaging conversations we have all had with one another.  New friends have been made and great times were had.  As we leave, we are jealous of those who will arrive this week as we cannot continue.  Meanwhile, Steph keeps on ripping it up.  He is an inspiration to all of us.

– Peter

4 thoughts on “Sombreros, Roadrunners and Arabians- By Peter Dyke

  1. Senor Steph,

    Looking at that picture, I’m not sure what’s bigger… your new sombrero or those margarita glasses in front of you (only 3?), so I’m going to have to say it’s your heart! Great job in the heat and heat and Sirocco-like wind today! You’ll be resting in Marathon, TX before you know it. GO STEPH!


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