Steph 1, Heat and Sun 1 (victory for Steph), by Jake Hurwitz

What a day on the road it was today. We began east of Blythe, where yesterday’s ride ended. After a few gentle miles Steph easily climbed a 7-9 mile stretch of I-10 up a steady grade and into the early morning blazing desert sun. Everything about those miles typified the day. Heat, good road surface, long gentle climbs and a remarkably hot sun. Was it actually 119 as Steph’s Garmin indicated, or merely 100-105? Does it matter? It barely mattered to the Man, who crushed the headwinds, the blazing sun and the steady climbs. I wish you all could have seen the look of determination, concentration and intent on Steph’s face. In fact, I really hope you all make the chance for yourselves to do just that. Steph needs your support. Not just well-wishes from afar. On the road. Alongside him. Protecting him from the wind, telling him stories, whatever. Please make the time. You won’t believe how good it feels.

We covered 40 miles today. Steph hit his goal, exhausted but with a huge smile on his face. We ended our ride in the town of Hope, Arizona. How poetic.

5 thoughts on “Steph 1, Heat and Sun 1 (victory for Steph), by Jake Hurwitz

  1. Steph,

    Tremendous day on the road! Or was it really the ‘Interstate’? Is Jake serious? You were grinding up I-10? Man, what a sight… big rigs drafting from you going up the grade. Very impressive – GREAT JOB today! Tomorrow you will take another big bite out of AZ.



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