Street, Border, Redskins – By Peter Dyke

Lots of chatter today about who was going to receive the Bull.  Zuzanna is a strong contender as she tangled herself up in some barbed wire during lunch.  Bad time to do that with everyone around but no worries for her, as she is ok.

Food was a highlight of the day.  The Hampton Inn fed us eggs for breakfast, Lincoln had all the lunch provisions ready for us as we came upon a shaded area alongside Texas Route 20, 35 miles outside of El Paso and we enjoyed Mexican for dinner.  We did not award the bull tonight, as we were a little distracted by the Karaoke singers.  Everything is oversized here in Texas,  even the Margaritas.


Today’s ride was hot, but not as tough as yesterday.  We logged 54 miles with a side/tail wind and traveled from El Paso to 6 miles or so past Fort Hancock.  We are traveling parallel with the Mexican border so that provides some interest.  We saw several border patrol vehicles, but no border fences.  In fact there is not real way to distinguish the US side from the Mexican side. And, there is nothing stopping people from crossing the border through the farm fields other than the knowledge that patrolling officers may catch them.

As we stopped in Ft. Hancock for some liquid refueling, we were approached by a man by the name of “Street.”  He is a 60-year-old USAir Pilot living in Fort Hancock.  What a great guy.  He had just purchased a new Schwinn bike and wanted to talk with the crew and meet Steph.  He commutes from El Paso and is to a farmer from the area.  Their primary crop is cotton and they irrigate with water diverted from the Rio Grande and they supplement with well water.  He was very impressed with the SC.  He left us saying, “Don’t we live in a great country.”

Seven of us were Redskins having attended Miami University (the one in Ohio).  See below.  It was great to catch up.  The SC has some tough going ahead as there is 3000’ or so of elevation gain in the next 2 – 3 days.  Cheer Steph on with Facebook and Blog comments.  Hats off to Lincoln and Maria as they really keep the operation oiled and ready.  Newsflash:   there are plenty of great bikes so Come Grab One.

The Miami U Crew

6 thoughts on “Street, Border, Redskins – By Peter Dyke

  1. Nice job Peter hope to bike with you all Friday, if I can get some flights I am still guessing flying in to El paso is still best

    • Hi Paul – heard lots about you! Steph heads into grade today and will take rest day tomorrow. I would think ELP is still best. Amigo Shuttle took us up to Las Cruces for reasonable flat rate. Ask for Sergio. (915) 355-1739. Or if you want to rent, crew could use a rental car for Maria.


  2. Great work Steph….keep hydrating! Good luck with the upcoming elevation, and it’s fantastic that you are ridin’ with your Redskin (now called Redhawks) buddies! All the best, T. Murph

  3. Great post by Peter! One PS for NON-RIDERS!! We need you too!! Patty & Lynne had a blast in the early days outside San Diego….serving as drivers, go-fers, errand-runners, advance snack team and cheerleaders…WE NEED MORE COWBELL, for crying out loud! Even if you don’t ride a bike, join the Stephan Challenge. As Katy so perfectly stated, “There is nowhere I’d rather be!””

  4. Geography lesson: The Rio Grande seperates Mexico from Texas. If you make a right turn and come to a wide shallow river, don’t cross it!
    Keep up right, Ride Safe. and Don’t Mess with Texas. Are you keeping up the “greening” of the trip by picking up a piece of trash at every rest stop???

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