sun,climbing and old ladies

lincoln executed a flawless start as 10 of us pulled out this morning. the sky was blue, the tempeture perfect, after a mile or so of road construction the day really begin. it was a day of solid climbing, under sun that just got hotter as we struggled to tick off the miles. climbing is tough for me and painfully slow, everyone took their turn walking next to me as i made my way (think inchworm crawling the length of soldier’s field) we hydrated, we ate, we lathered sunblock,
it was brutel. the insult was that two elderly ladies passed me while walking their dog. we battled from 8am till 545pm and called it a day, we were on a great stretch after our only decent, cold beers all around and we loaded up the bikes and will start there tomorrow, a good day but 17 miles short.
we say good bye to doug,jimmy, jason, chuck, lynn, steve and patti today, our partners on the journey, they have my sincere thanks and i know we will see them again on the challenge. a burger in the room and time to crash now, i am beat.
be well,

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  1. That was a tough stretch today Steph. Congrats on making excellent progress. Your team and supporters were awesome. See you down the road.
    Chuck G

  2. Don’t let those old ladies get you down, Steph! They are just more acclimated to the warm weather than you!

  3. Hang in there Steph…sea level is sea leve, so .every foot uphill means you have that much more easy downhill to come! Get your rest…p

  4. Truly wished that I could be in California but I’m in Louisiana. The grade up to Jacumba is brutal but you’ve got a long downhill run towards El Centro. I’ll be following you across the country. Take care and keep pedaling.

  5. Thoroughfare Gap
    by Stephen Stills

    Sometimes I consider
    my pace
    I’m reminded of a train
    gathering speed
    for the climb to the pass;
    In whose shadow it already lies
    A small metal dragon
    approaching the ever-present ascending rise
    To the Seventh Moutain.

    Reelin’ and snakin’ and leapin’ it seems
    Like it wants to come loose
    from it’s path cast in iron;
    But you can’t slow down now
    As the Earth has presented
    a new crest to reach
    Without barely a rest
    from the last one.

    And you wonder
    just what lies beyond
    Though you’ve been there before
    And forget about
    the effort and the strain;
    Always ascending,
    each yard as a mile
    To the never ending pull
    of the steepening grade
    that’s before you.

    A valley, a forest,
    a desert, a stream,
    With an over-sized bridge
    for the trickle there beneath;
    You remember the torrent
    it turned to last Spring,
    From the snow’s melting fast,
    And the river it became
    in the summer.

    Perhaps it is ruin
    from a fire that has scorched it
    So badly that nothing
    will grow without rain;
    To wash away the blackened soil
    Now useless ’til called upon again
    In a future as distant and far away
    as the next range of mountains.

    So take it as far
    as you see and beyond
    With eyes you don’t use enough
    to gather up strength;
    As Thoroughfare Gap
    What awaits is whatever you see
    When you get there
    or even before;
    It’s no matter.
    No distance.
    It’s the ride.


  6. Hey Steph, those old ladies were being pulled by a big dog. While you were doing all the work on your own. Two more days of humps and bumps and then lots of flat ground.

    Hang in there and Patty and I will be back to help.

  7. Well done, Steph. Love the posts…been thinking of you constantly for last two days. As long as you mention beer and burgers, I know you are doing okay. Hang in there.

  8. Steph, I was honored to participate in the first two days of your journey. Your spirit, attitude are awesome. Keep up the good work . Some days you just have to take smaller bites of the elephant… keep chewing. Looking forward to Texas w/ the crew.

  9. Congrats Steph for a great start on your amazing journey! We are following your blogs daily and are rooting for you from back here in Winnetka. We will pass along your link again to all of our cub scouts so they too can follow you. Everyone is very inspired by your strength and determination.
    Good luck and hope you get to some flat ground soon.
    Laura and Brett Gardiner

  10. Steph, don’t worry about those old ladies … I probably walker slower than they do. At least you were on a bike! Hugs, be safe!

  11. Just remember – the dog was ahead of the old ladies! And you are ahead of EVERYONE else by starting in the first place. Ron wishes you the best too!

  12. Steph, thanks for sharing the good, the bad and the ugly. Speaking of ugly, I hope the two old ladies get replaced by two young chickitas with a bounce in their step, if you know what I mean. You need something more inspiring to look at from behind – ha ha ha! Sorry Margaret Anne! Trying to keep the humor up out there. We love you and are sending lots of STEPHSTRONG wishes out west. Love – The Halls

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