Texas chip seal

texas chip seal is the worst road surface ever created, it is painfull to ride, so as we backtracked the 40 miles to bracketville i was dreading every moment. we tried new leg brace but it just did not fit right so went with the old one which is wearing a bit. the weather was perfect but my mood was dark. about 20 miles into the ride, two good friends from home arrived as they had flown into san antonio and come found us on the road. mike curathers and john marquardt, mike has spent a lot of time hunting in the texas hill country and kept us entertained with his experiences. it was great to have john and mike, the mood improved and when we pulled into the lot at america’s best value motel, the beers were cold and ready.
dinner was local barbuque in the parking lot, we had some wine and tunes,
40 tough miles, uvalde never hat it so good.

7 thoughts on “Texas chip seal

  1. Keep it up Steph!
    Anyone can ride across with tailwinds and sunshine. These days will be special! Okay, maybe in July, but they will be!
    Glad Mike and John are there to share it with you.
    Austin- and the Four Seasons- is getting mighty close…vengavengavenga!

  2. Awesome job on the rough stuff. Try dropping the pressure in your tires a bit. Reduction in fatigue will more than make up for slight increase in rolling resistance. You might also want to run a slightly wider tire on the rough roads.

  3. Mark,

    I am so happy to hear that your adventure is going well! You should be very proud of yourself for you dedication and determination. May God be with you!

    Bill Walton and John Howard both send you well wishes.

    Take care and know your in our prayers and thoughts!

    Love ,
    France sca

  4. Steph, looking to join you on the ride June 8 and 9 in Louisiana. Great to track your progress to date… Keep pedaling…. Jeff

  5. Go Steph! Nice work fighting through the dark moods and lousy chip seal surface. Carothers can talk with the best of them, particularly when he starts in on his hunting stories. Glad that he and John showed up in the nic of time to help you down the road. Enjoy those well earned cold ones!!


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