the day after

we moved a bit slower this morning, a little hesitant as we pulled into sharon’s cafe where we had left off. we unloaded bikes, the stereo quiet.
we knew we had dodged a bullet. dale brought us together for a prayer and we headed out. the weather was hot, it got over 100 degrees, humidity was high and we were all sluggish. we met a couple of riders from houston training for an ironman, had a late lunch, said goodbye to todd and russ.

Mark & Jerry after Gumbo, Texas style.

it was dale, lincoln and i after lunch, it seemed cooler, traffic lite, breeze on our back and flat, we clicked off some miles. we had a dinner with jerry sanford, a new friend who brought us a great gumbo dinner, jerry is part of a cycling club that found our story on line, true southern hospitality.

good friends brad rendell and dave wright have arrived for a few days, tomorrow we should roll into sitsbee tx, our last night in texas.
i am guessing about 1200 miles to go……….
be well,

Just in case you didn't know, Steph talks to all the horses we pass

5 thoughts on “the day after

  1. Thoughts are with you ALL today. No more drama – SMOOTH riding! Don’t know why but I’m thinking of that movie Cool Runnings! Jayne

  2. You may feel very aware of limitations. 

    Discipline and persistence wear them down. 

    Smile and answer truthfully. 

    Don’t get intimidated and it will soon pass. 

    Your cool pays off. 


  3. Hi Mark,
    Good luck on your journey again! I have been following your trip and I am SO impressed with your perseverance and motivation.
    You are such an inspiration!
    Keep pedalling!
    Sangeetha (RIC/UIC)

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