the good, the bad and the ugly

Wow just two weeks to go and we are wrapping up loose ends.
The good is that out trailer and RV are ready to go, just sponsorship wrapping and they are off to Ca. on Wed.  See pics of the trailer here.
Lincoln and his team have built a rolling bike store and I know those that join us will be impressed.
Other good include a great opportunity I had to speak at a local retirement community about the RIC, it was fun, very interactive and my thanks to Mike Hussey for facilitating.
My continued thanks to all of you who keep passing our story along and I hope when we start blogging everyday you will not be bored……remember if you join us, you are guest blogger for day.
The bad is our film crew got derailed due to family illness, we wish Josh the best but we are in scramble mode. We have all camera gear and have a few options and are optimistic.
I also ran into an issue with an infected toe, slowed me down but have it managed.
The ugly revolves around my only nightmare and that is skin break down. A pressure sore is not a scratch, it opens from the inside so when it breaks skin it is already through to the bone. It looks like there had been some pressure on the tailbone, we are treating it, making some seating adjustments and watching it carefully. MD opinion is still go, but keep an eye on it.
all in I would say we are excited, a little nervous but ready to go. Thank you for all the support, please forward our story and stay tuned as our adventure begins.
Be well,

7 thoughts on “the good, the bad and the ugly

  1. Mark

    Best wishes and luck for this extraordinary challenge and adventure!

    You are an inspiration to people everywhere who know that giving up is not an option.

    I am one of them and I’ll be watching.

    Go get ’em!


  2. Keep the faith Steph and Vaya Con Dios!
    I know you can do it !
    Can’t wait to see you in San Diego !


  3. Steph, I forwarded your story about the film crew to a friend. I have no idea if he can do anything, but he works for Huffington Post, is an accomplished videographer and his girlfriend is the daughter of Jeff Nathan, my friend who inspected your home years ago ( remember he found the electrical problems). In any case, if , by some luck, he reaches out to you and is able to help, know that he can do a great job for you!

  4. Steph,

    There is no other person I can think of who would take on this challenge except for maybe ???; nobody!
    As Vince Lombardi once stated, “the difference between the successful person and the unsuccessful person is not the lack of strength, nor the lack of knowledge, it is the lack of will”.
    No one, can match your will to succeed!

    May you always have tailwinds. You are a absolute pioneer. I am so amazed and proud of you.


  5. Steph, the Malehorn family is looking forward to tracking your progress… Rest up and all the best! Jeff, Laura, Kayla, and Ali

  6. Steph,

    I remind you , DO NOT, forget a wine bottle opener! In fact take several opener’s with you….. You know this is a truly important piece of equipment for the journey. All the best my man.


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