The Stephan Challenge is so FUN! by Riley Dolan

Today we started biking and we went to the mellow Johnny’s bike shop and stayed there for a while. Some people got like a t shirt or something that was fun! We took a lot of pics along the way! Like five minutes in to biking I got a flat tire so Margaret was nice and took my bike back to the bike shop! Then I got to take her bike and we kept going! We took a couple stops and we passed a couple of cool places and it was really fun! We stopped at a gas station for a while and we took a lot of pictures there. It was really hot out, it got up to 102!!!! We turned on to a really hot bike path that went on forever, but since weren’t  going that fast it was fine!  WE EVEN PASSED A SNAKE! But it was probably dead. It looked dead. Once we were in the middle of nowhere we turned around and went back. Before that Margaret came back with a new bike, that was really nice. We went for like 2 minutes then or ice cream at micky d’s IMT WAS SO GOOD! Then we just took a leisurely ride back to the hotel, we passed the van a few times and are sooooooo excited for tomorrow! The Stephen challenge is so fun!

Riley ;)

Riley Dolan all smiles!

One thought on “The Stephan Challenge is so FUN! by Riley Dolan

  1. Thanks for the update, Riley! Loved your account of the awesome time you have had down in Texas. Love – The Halls

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