There is Hope

cool and clear this morning, we were eastbound on i-10 jake,lincoln and i then we were joined on the interstate by rob donley, the nephew of my good friend and college roomate john bailey. we were strong up a long climb, got off the 10 and took a break.
It was about 11am and getting hot and we were into a headwind, my garmin registered 121 degrees, it was brutel. just turn on a blow dryer and stick it in your mouth, we could barely speak as opening your mouth was just painful. i admit i was spent, thought we might get 50 in today and now wanted to call it a day at 2pm. we took about an hour break in rv, got back on the road and guted out another 10, gave us 40 for day felt like 400.
i had to take a break before finishing the last mile, got started and watched that mile slowly tick off, when it hit 40 and i looked up thinking we were still in the middle of nowhere, the town sign read Hope, it seriously gave me a chill.
be well,

7 thoughts on “There is Hope

  1. I HOPE you get a CHANGE in the heat index to something cooler. Keep hydrating bud and only go at ia comfortable pace. Can you do it ? YES WE CAN. See you in Texas.

  2. Love this story – There is HOPE. And you embody it, Steph. Did you know that there is also . . .
    INSPIRATION, AZ? – you are that, too!
    BOOZE CROSSING, AZ? – hope you get there soon!
    KOOL CORNER, AZ – that would be a nice change, huh?
    LOVE, AZ – we love you, Steph – and so many people do too!
    THREE WAY, AZ – okay, get your head out of the gutter – oh wait, mine was there too?! Ha ha! Trying to make you laugh!
    Love – The Halls

  3. Steph, i went home and put a blow dryer in my mouth as you requested and did not like it…at all. It sounds brutal but we are sending you cool, tranquil thoughts every day. Thanks for the running blog..helps us feel like we are there with you. Keep it going!! R

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