tropical storm debbie

we lost rob and andy to early flights, said goodbye to ron,wade,jeff,jon and leslie as we borded the rv and miday lost the schoders group and kristen.
it was mead and i with debbie and she was a bitch…….nonstop rain and 25 mile an hour headwinds, we pressed and pressed knocked out a tough 50.
i am clearly having an infection issue with my foot and that could slow us down. my best guess is tuesday finish but do not hold me to it.
more of same tomorrow, party with debbie.
be well,

16 thoughts on “tropical storm debbie

  1. Steph, great to be with you thurs and Friday. Keep on cranking out he miles,you are almost there. No doubt you will show Debbie who is throwing the party.

  2. Debbie Does Steph

    As one who’s been through some tropical weather in his life, please use some discretion, especially with your foot issue. The goal is to finish safe and sound. Keep the MO going but don’t be nutty. I’ll see you for the last couple days no matter when . You’re the best !


  3. I agree. LA is very familiar with hurricanes and storms. You are an inspiration to all of us whether you make it to the end or not. It looks like the storm is dying down but the tornados and rain will be fierce for a while. The most important thing is to make it safely to the finish, whatever town that may be in. I know you will make the right decision for you and we’ll support you. Be Safe!

    Thank you for the picture, it was great!!

  4. I hope that you are weathering the tropical storm as it looks pretty intense. Take care of that pressure sore as that is more important than any finishing schedule. Keep it up Steph!

  5. Steph, you are every bit the match for Debby and proved she is inconsequential over the last few days, grinding away with your perma-smile and incredible will! The rain and wind are simply the set up for your imminent slide into the St Augustine beach parking lot. Go get ’em with Mead today! We enjoyed every minute of our time with you and your extended family, in fact, hated to leave. Good luck with the foot….stop kicking the snakes and armadillos with it and it should be fine! :) STEPHSUPERSTRONG! Close hard!

  6. Your ride is reMARKable! we are so impressed, inspired and exhausted keeping up with you from Winnetka! love, all the Carey’s

  7. Stef – you are such an inspiration! Hang in there StefMegaStrong Man, as you are in the final stretch! I know I speak for so many who wish they could be in Flordia ridin’ with you, but please know that you are in our thoughts & prayers.

  8. steph, take care in the home stretch. an extra day or two will be forgotten in the memory of such an incredible accomplishment. travel safely, mind debby and keep that medal pinned to your shirt. we are looking forward to having you back home on walden road shortly. fondly, claudia, gordon and the gang

  9. Steph, you represent the awesome power of the human spirit. It was an honor traveling with you as we witnessed your courage, undaunted determination, and humor, to boot. That was the best cold beer and scallops ever tasted. I owe you for the 2 flats!! Keep it going, friend! Ron

  10. Hooked on every word, Mark. Amazing, simply amazing. Thank you for keeping the blog going. Debbie is no match for you.

  11. GO STEPH GO! Stay STEPHSTRONG! Don’t let Debby be a downer – but don’t disregard your health and safety either. Can Lincoln fashion you a Frankenfoot – since he is an expert at frankenbikes, etc.? Only 270 more miles to go – amazing! You can do it, Steph.

  12. Wow. I knew you were tough and inspired, but your taking this to a new level. 50 miles in that weather for a healthy person would be amazing. Take care of that foot! Stay strong but stay smart:). Enjoy the moment when you get done. You’ll have some amazing stories to tell!

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