two days in florida almost done

yesterday was a great day, we had the bonnel’s riding point and putting pressure for a big mileage day. our weather has changed, for the hot and sunny from the massive rain storms of debbie. we were lucky that our route has not been disrupted, many roads in the area are closed. the bonnel’s kept the path clear and we rolled to 52 miles. the highlight of the day was coming to the hotel and seeing a group of Chicago friends and my wife Margaret and son barrett, it was an awesome surprise.

Luke and Steph ready to ride!

Another hot morning greeted us and we lost tom in the morning and the bonnel’s miday. we had the great pleasure of connecting with a young 5 year old named luke who has a spinal cord injury, he has learned to ride a bike and wanted to ride his trike with us, we rolled together for a block, he is my inspiration.

wayne from the local gainesville cycling club lead us today, it was great to have his local knowledge as we did have a road closed and were forced to detour. the issue today was heat but everyone stayed hydrated and we pushed another 50. we stand with 65 left, it appears to be a sunday finish, weather looks solid.
thank you for your support of the RIC.

be well,

14 thoughts on “two days in florida almost done

  1. “65 miles of road I have left, 65 miles of road, I kicked some ass and another did pass, so 64 miles of road I have left . . . ” Everyone, sing along! GO STEPH GO! STEPH STRONG!

  2. Ride on for all the Lukes in this world! What a story! Thank you for all you have accomplished for the SCI. Community and for my family.

  3. Thank you for allowing Luke to meet with you. I think what you have done is great. I hope to see you again someday. As we get started on our journey to start a Locomotor Training Center in Gainesville, Fl. I hope that you and your team will pray for us as we try to make Luke’s story a reality for many to come.
    Congratulations and I hope you like St. Augustine. It is one of Luke’s favorite places to go.

    God Bless,
    Luke Adams and family

  4. Mark, you rock!!! ONLY 65 miles left to go! You are truly amazing.. Enjoy your last days of the Stephan Challenge. Glad you have your family with you and cheers to a warm welcome finish on Sunday. xo


  5. We are cheering for you from Wisconsin, Mark! What a journey you and your family have had. We are so inspired by your strength and grateful for the help the RIC has been able to give you. Enjoy the finish!

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