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So close………..
This should be up on web later today but I want people to know that if they are coming into Phoenix, Austin or Houston to meet us that our good friends at The Parking Spot will be providing van transportation to find us on the road. I want to thank my good friend Kevin Shrier for this help.
I went to the MD yesterday to have pressure sore checked out and it is closing up, this is good news.
Lincoln,RV and trailer left last night for the west coast, I know everyone who sees this rig will be impressed, Lincoln and crew worked their butts off and it looks awesome.
Also if you are thinking of riding, let everyone know!
put it on the website so everyone has an idea of who may be going and when, even if you are unsure or just thinking about it. Thanks for spreading the challenge.
be well,

5 thoughts on “update and logistics

  1. Chuck & Lynne Gibbons from Jupiter, Florida, along with Patty & Steve Smith from Long Beach, CA will be joining you for the start at Ocean Beach and will ride for two days with you! You inspire us every day!

  2. May the road rise up to meet you and may the wind be always at your back! Godspeed Mark and St. Christopher will be your guide and protector on this marvelous charitable and courageous journey. Sharon and Peter

  3. I will have been riding with PAC Tour for about a week across the northern part of AZ, arriving in Holbrook, AZ on April 24th. I would love to ride south toward Tucson (home for me) and meet you somewhere on the road on Wednesday, April 25th. Can you tell me what route you’ll be taking from Tempe on Superior on the 25th? Also, is there a cell number where I can reach you to figure out where on the road you are.

    I’ll have my own bike with me since I will have been “on tour” with PAC. My husband will be driving our car/SAGGING for me.

    Unfortunately I’m likely able to only ride with you for 25-30 miles. But it will be an honor to be a part of Steph’s epic journey.

    While we live in Tucson now, at the time of Steph’s accident we lived in Wilmette, just about 3 miles from Steph’s home. I followed his recovery on CarePages.

    Have the ride of your life celebrating hope.

    Susan Reed

  4. My parents live in Palatka FL and I have ridden the route from Palatka – St Augustine. Please let me know if you need any help,etc on the Gainsville-St Augustine part of the route and I am happy to help in anyway I can. I hope to be able to ride it or part of it with you!

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