We keep moving

yesterday was a rest day but we were joined by nick weir, after a great dinner we said good bye to dale with the hope of seeing him in cajun country. it was a great day to rest, weather horrible.

today was an ugly morning, the forecast was chilly, rain and headwinds, steve, nick and i bundled up, wearing rain gear and left van horn and headed to alpine. we had storms all around us, but caught a break and stayed dry.
the highlight was passing a prada store in the middle of nowhere……seriously.
traffic was lite, wind shifted, we were able to keep a good pace, when we grabbed a beer in the rv we had knocked off 60 miles. a good day.

This is not an illusion, just another SC surreal moment!


10 thoughts on “We keep moving

  1. You and your team are absolutely amazing!
    Thank you for the hope you have given me and my family and the spinal cord injured community!
    We are there with you on your long journey. Press on!

  2. Steph & co.
    Stuck in business meeting at Knickerbocker Hotel. Much rather be in west Texas at the Hampton in Van Horn. Can’t wait to rejoin the SA (Stephan Adventure) near Houston and ride through Louisiana. A Special thanks to Lincoln & Maria. No better team available on planet earth.

  3. Hey Steph — thanks for updating the blog daily, it really fans the flames for us watching and cheering from afar. You’re making great progress and I am sooooooooooo proud of you. You ROCK! I’ll see you in a week.

    xxoo Mikey C

  4. Prada Marfa is actually a sculpture by artists Elmgreen and Dragset..
    “Get up on your bike!”
    ps You staying at the Hotel PAISANO in MARFA?

  5. Hey there old friend! Wow! I always thought you were amazing but this is unbelievable! I first read your story in the Miamian. I apologize for not contacting you then. My husband, Ernie- Sigma Nu at Miami, got an email from a frat brother telling him about your challenge. I had to say hi and let you know I am praying for you as you continue on this challenge. You are an inspiration! God bless you my dear friend! Ride on! love, Anne

  6. Congratulations on making 1/3rd the way across the country. The remaining 2/3rds should be a breeze since you’ve got the hardest part behind you. Hopefully, the winds will be at your back to push you along. Praying for you..

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