Welcome to New Mexico!

we had a sunny day and the surprize of nancy and mike glass to ride with us for a couple of days. with my buddy mike’s guidence we are taking a slightly different route through new mexico. if you have ever wondered where the middle of nowhere is, we found it and spent several hours riding through it today. after some hills, a little road construction, we caught a great tailwind and pushed on. i jumped in the rv at 645pm with 43 miles under my belt. nancy, mike and mike road the wind the last 17 miles to hotel, we shared a few well deserved beers in rv.
we are going to take a rest day tomorrow and then move on to texas.
thank you for supporting the challenge.
be well,

4 thoughts on “Welcome to New Mexico!

  1. Steph, you are amazing. I can’t even comprehend what you are accomplishing. Can’t wait to ride with you down the road. You are my hero. JP

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