Welcome to Texas

we left les cruses nm with a number of new riders to escort us to west texas. mike curran, rick nelson, jim colley, jim gilligan, dave falter, mark osmond and peter dyke. lots of excitement as we got all the bikes ready, lincoln did a great job of setting everyone up and getting us on our way.

Hanging the new signs Paul sent us!

We had a gorgous morning, a stiff cross wind and a trip through the pecan orchards that border nm and tx, rick nelson began what was the first of his flat tires and he who shall remain nameless gave us an acrobatic move as we left nm.
traffic increased as we got to el paso, rick continued to get flats, and we grabbed some bad food at 7-11. we ran into a high school classmate, matt keats, what a treat. we battled traffic and hills, fighting our way to the east side of el paso. under the able navigation skills of hussey, weeks and dyke we made it to the hampton inn.
lincoln had the chairs out and the beers on ice as we pulled in, we shared a number of cold ones and stories of the day, 52 miles under our belt.
we said goodbye to mike and monica hussey, mike met in globe az and gave me a week of his time to get me to el paso tx, i am eternally gratefull for his support.
be well,

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Texas

  1. The man down was funny. Good capture on film. The team is putting up some amazing numbers. Eating at 7-11 will not help.

  2. Steph,

    Lauren and Tommy Moorman are awaiting your communications with them in Austin. For that matter they also have restaurant affiliations in El Paso.

    We are talking GREAT food…… you will be in for a real treat.

    Keep peddling man, keep peddling.


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