West Texas is NOT flat

thunder, lighting and rain started our morning, we decided to delay our start, this was a bit of a bummer as tim,greg and joe were all leaving today. we had 86 miles to backtrack to our starting point and finally lifted off at 1130. the wind was in our face and the rollers were steep, miles were tough to come by. greg and joe gave it a solid hour and then jumped in car with daphnie. tim and i continued on with me on his wheel as he was taking the headwinds. i lost tim a few hours later to a cab, he last texted me they had been stopped by border patrol, i guess they took my kilo joke seriously. weather was building around us and we had a few storm chasers go by (not good) when the lighting was visable we hustled off the road. we captured as much of day as we could but got 33.5 miles.
weather expected to be an issue tomorrow so we declared a rest day. we will start wen. 52.5 miles west of del rio. west texas is hilly make NO mistake. my sincere thanks to those that have helped me through it, should make that left turn on thur.

be well,

6 thoughts on “West Texas is NOT flat

  1. Hoo boy! What a tough day. I am glad that you are taking a day off. We will pray for better weather.

  2. With all that talk about the bull yesterday, i could not help wondering who has the real red Bull now?

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