Last weekend I rode with Steph for the second time. I thought to myself, it would be good to share with others what to expect if they CHOOSE to ride. I hope you do because your HELP is NEEDED and WANTED.


EXPECT YOUR PARADIGM TO SHIFT… you may go in thinking you are doing this for Steph, you will leave thankful he has done this for you.

expect the unexpected.
expect to have the time of your life.
expect to meet wonderful and interesting people from all over.
expect to crave returning as soon as possible.
expect to go home and feel the need to share your stories with everyone.
expect to be humbled by Steph- his attitude, determination, passion, the power of his mind over his body.
expect to see beautiful scenery.
expect to meet people who want to give you (Steph) money .
expect to help out in any way you can.
expect to feel inspired for being a part of something that is bigger than yourself.
expect to a soar.
expect a garbage man tan and chapped lips from the sun.
expect to get more than you give no matter how much you give.
expect miracles… you will see unexplained changes right before your eyes.
expect to witness feats no doctor can explain.
expect to laugh… a lot.
expect exhaustion.
expect to enjoy a beer and a meal at the end of the day like you never enjoyed before.
expect a Quality Inn bed to feel like the President’s Suite at the Four Seasons.
expect to be pleasantly surprised by the wonderful randomness of people you meet in the little towns off the beaten path.

Like the guy who was afraid to get back on the bike after an accident left him with serious heart issues. 72 years old and three bouts in the hospital this year alone, but decided to ride with Steph after 3 years of fear. He rode 20 miles up a hill- one of the hardest days- all uphill all day. He was all smiles and now can’t wait to get back to his activities from skiing to biking.

Or the guy who recently lost his hearing. He was depressed and feeling sorry for himself until he met Steph. Now he provides rides to and from the SChallenge for free along with cases of water.

And the girl who was going to quit her Iron Man training but Steph’s perseverance inspired her, giving her the will to keep going.

 And the guy who lost everything and is now starting over with nothing but who has his health. He is thankful because his connection to Steph has shown him that he is so lucky and any obstacles he faces, he has the power to overcome.

Lincoln, Paul, Maria, and Mark working as a team to make it happen


Why am I telling you this… again? Because Steph, Lincoln, and Maria can’t do this alone. We need riders, and not just to keep Steph company, but to keep him safe, to fill a water bottle, to fix a flat tire, to call out road hazards sailing down a hill, to help with the hard things, to lighten Steph’s mind, distracting it from the daunting feat before him- biking across the country!

If you have kids in high school, take them for the weekend, you will bond.
If you can’t go, send your kids alone, it will greatly impact their lives.
If you’ve got a boss breathing down your neck, tell them to come with you… make it happen.

See you on the ride and STAY STEPH STRONG

-Paul Pomfret


  1. Thought the film was fantastic as were Paul’s words, as are you Steph. We may not be there on the bike with you, but we are cheering you on all the way. Stay strong and know you are inspirational to all of us!! Erika and Ned

    • THANK YOU.. I am not trying to be pushy we all know that Steph is doing this to raise money for RIC and we all know that Steph can not do it alone.. But I do not want any one to miss particpating in this wonderful advanture because they are afaid or not in the best shape when compared to Steph our excuse are invaild. So even if you can ride there are many ways to help by postive comment or just spreading the word… As you will learned what started out as you thinking your helping Steph you find out that Steph has done it for Us.. we all need to learn how to be Steph strong…

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