why we check in with md’s

today was md meeting with Lincoln (project director), Maria, personal aid and my lead md. I will come back to this.
I really want to thank everyone who has supported this effort, please continue to pass our challenge along, we are very close to meeting that $100k challenge. A quick update, Lincoln is back, and we are full court to get ready. We have gotten lots of feedback on the route and we love it, thanks Mike Hussey! see you in New Mexico. Just for the record there are about a 1,000 ways to die on your bike in the desert, we covered them all, I love my MD but she asked Lincoln if he had phone number of every hospital along the route…..he did. We are going to be well prepared, I am going to drink right and eat well, no issues here. Going to get RV ready, trailer tricked out, bikes ready and many more details to close, departure coming fast.
Be well,

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  1. So excited that the time is drawing near! I’m looking at the itinerary and hoping to be able to join you at some point!

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