wild two days

we left lafeyette la. headed to breaux bride with 4 fraternity brothers, bo jones (and son), mark walker, tom merriall and mike pheiffer. it was great to see these guys and we did an easy 20 mile loop into town with a stop for picnic lunch. we met mike Leonard from the today show and then road to the edge of an inland lake for a little swap tour. our host was 77 years old, a real character, so after a little moonshine, beer and tour we finished with 10 miles to hotel. that night we were treated to some serious Cajun hospitality at the home of a friend of mikes, live music, great food and new friends. my friends chris hurley and mike mertz caught up to us that evening as well. it was a late night.
we left the next morning in good spirits, goal was baton rouge, turned into worst riding day of trip. we were only a few miles into it when we hit a levy with a dirt and gravel road, very tough for trike. the lightning strikes came while the rv was still with us so we took cover. the rain was drenching, the road turning to mush. the worst of that passed and we agreed to move on, the rv would turn and meet us where pavement started, we thought a few miles away. we were on our way, the drenching rain came again and never left, the rv was stuck in the mud and unknown to us pavement was 20 miles away. it took 9 hours through pouring rain to get to the road.
we loading up, 40 miles to hotel, beer and pizza in lobby. we said our goodbyes as everyone moving out, special thanks to dale for all his help and to all my buddies who helped get me through that epic day.
be well,

this image doesn't do the gravel mud rain storm levy road justice.. the footage is a bit more revealing though!

8 thoughts on “wild two days

  1. Wild for sure!?! Thanks for sharing a part of this incredible adventure. Missing Linc, Maria, Katy, et al and wishing you all the best of roads and weather. Felt just awful leaving in the middle of the Spillway Torture Track, but so glad to hear you all made it out and called it a day before our flight left BR. Saw it for myself…
    StephStrong, Stronger, Strongest! FL…Here you come…

  2. HAPPY 2-MONTH ANNIVERSARY! What a remarkable, inspirational trip it has been. April 15 at Ocean Beach in San Diego seems light years away. We look forward to welcoming you to Florida!

  3. Stay STEPHSTRONG! Nothing will stop you , Steph – not mud, gravel, torrential rain, lightning, road kill, car accidents, tummy troubles, flat tires, frankenbiking, bad roads, detours, heat, sun, biblical plagues, hour upon hour upon hour, mile upon mile upon mile. Nothing. Will. Stop. You. I hope that the positive momentum and good mojo of last week in cajun country has carried you through these latest trials and tribulations. Thinking of you always! Love – The Halls

  4. Welcome to Baton Rouge. This is the classic Summer weather pattern. We haven’t had it for several years. It goes from humid and sunny Morning to storms and back to sunshine. I have a daughter to care for or I’d be on my ICE trike riding with you. I hope you enjoy the ride through the parishes to the East of Baton Rouge. I so admire what you are doing and hope to make my own transAmerica ride. I’m a bilateral below the knee amputee. Making rides like this are climbing to the top of the mountain after being in the dark valley for a long time. Good trip!

  5. We are in awe of your determination, dedication and the inspirational spirit you have gifted all the many people that have had the privelege to ride with you, or heard or read your story. We are all cheering you on.

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